Listing Service

For a one-off fee of £50, we will list your property on Rightmove and on our website and collect enquiries as and when they come in.

We'll keep in touch with a weekly report to you detailing how many views your property has had so we can discuss how well it is performing and ensure it is at its optimum price to find you the right tenant at the right time.


After your initial enquiry we will arrange to value your property and provide you with an up to date, realistic rental valuation. When you are happy and have provided us with the relevant information we will then list your property on Rightmove and see when the enquiries to come in!

Please note. This is a listing only service so we are not responsible for conducting viewings, setting up of the tenancy or handling any part of the tenancy once it begins. We also usually ask that you provide us with your photos and property description.

If you like the sound of this service but want us to handle certain other elements of the tenancy please check out our ‘Additional Services’ section!