An Empty Property Over The Winter Provides The Perfect Opportunity To Redecorate

If you've suddenly found yourself with an empty property over the winter, use this natural break in tenancy to complete all of those little jobs that have been impossible to carry out with tenants in situ. It is also a great time to look at giving your property a facelift with a new coat of paint.

Before you go reaching for the colour charts, it would be worth bearing in mind what tenants might be looking for in 2021; calming colours, a place for a home office and outside space are all high on the list.

Read on to read our review of the current home decorating trends that are booming in popularity...

Photo credit: Nicole De Khors

Understandably, after the year of chaos that we have all experienced, calming colours seem to be making a comeback; with light blues and greens becoming increasingly popular. If you feel like that sounds like too much colour for your property, then stick to easy-going neutrals like greys and taupes. There are many shades that fall in the 'neutral' zone that have a very subtle underlying accent of duck egg blue, lichen green or warming pink that can add a hint of personality without being too overwhelming.

The lean towards green has never been more prevalent and many people are looking for their homes to echo how hard they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. While putting down sustainably-sourced bamboo flooring might not be the direction you want to go in for your rental property, before making decisions on paint, any fitted furniture or fixings, it might be worth looking at environmentally friendly options.

While we're discussing carbon footprints, shopping locally and sourcing materials close to home is becoming increasingly popular and rightly so. We have a wealth of artisans, tradespeople and wonderful shops throughout Dorset and Somerset and making your property reflect the support of these will no doubt please potential tenants.

Of course, while you are busy updating and renovating your property during the winter, you can continue to market it for rental. Feel free to come and talk to us about our range of flexible options: 01747 416 516

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