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An Interview With A Tenant - Inside The Mind Of A Long-Term Renter

As a Landlord, it can be daunting to know where to start to make your property appeal to potential tenants and stand out against other properties in the local area.

In order to help us step into our tenant’s shoes, we interviewed a local, long-term tenant to find out exactly what makes them keen to sign the tenancy agreement and the things that sometimes puts them off!

Read on to find out more!

When you are looking for a new rental property online what really makes a property stand out from the rest?

The things I look at first, after location, price and number of bedrooms, are the photos. Old photos online always set off alarm bells and make me think there must be a reason why new photos haven’t been taken yet. Properties which have photos where the property looks clean and bright will always catch my eye first!

At the viewing, what questions are you always keen to get the answers to?

It’s always nice to know what the Landlord's long-term plans for the property are so we have security and can really make the place our home. It’s always nice to know if the Landlord or the agent will be managing the property, so we know who we need to go to if we have any problems or concerns.

What kind of thing would put you off renting a property?

Pushy agents or Landlords always make the process a lot more stressful than it needs to be and can really make a property seem unappealing – luckily these are few and far between!

Once you’ve found your dream property, which steps of the process do you find the trickiest?

The credit check and references always seem to go relatively smoothly. The tenancy agreement can seem a bit confusing if the Landlord has asked for certain clauses to be included, which aren’t explained before we see the document. It usually works out fine but can cause some initial confusion!

Is there anything a Landlord or agent could do to help make the check-out process run smoother?

I think the main thing is just communication; if the Landlord would like us to do certain things before we check out then they just need to let us know. Some agents have organised a meeting, prior to us checking out, where we’ve been able to go over what needs to be done and clarified when we should expect the deposit back. We find that this is really helpful.

Finally, what makes an agency appeal to you?

Dealing with a friendly and approachable team who know their properties inside out!

If you are looking for an agent or for your next home, please get in touch with our lovely team: 01747 416516

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