Attention Landlords - The New EICR Regulations Explained

The latest electrical safety regulations can feel like yet another hoop for Landlords to jump through. Having said that, formalising the electrical safety regulations has been a long time coming and there has always been an obligation on Landlords to provide safe and functional installations for all services into their rental properties.

The government has recently clarified some confusion over the regulations that came into force on 1st July 2020 and have confirmed the following:

· The regulations apply to tenancies that started from 1st June 2020

· Landlords will be required to provide an EICR (an electrical safety certificate) from 1st July 2020

· This means that tenancies that started on 1st June 2020 will be required to have a current EICR in place by 1st July 2020

For ongoing tenancies, the regulations will come into force from 1st April 2021. The only grey area for Landlords would be whether a tenancy renewal would be considered a new tenancy, causing confusion as to whether a certificate would be required or not.

At present, the legislation does not offer clarification on this point. Therefore, our advice to Landlords would be to exercise caution and, if in any doubt, to have an EICR carried out. We would recommend that any Landlord who doesn’t have a current EICR in place arranges for this to be done prior to a tenancy renewal or change.

Unlike the gas safety regulations which require an annual check, the EICR will need to be carried out again within five years or at change of tenancy; whichever is sooner.

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