Autumn Gardening In Your Rental Property

It might be wet and windy outside but you can make your home and garden cosy and welcoming even as the nights start to draw in. With a little forward planning, your garden will come alive with colour in the late winter and early spring months.

October is the perfect time to start planting bulbs such as snowdrops, winter aconite and daffodils. However small your garden, these additions can be an ideal way to brighten it up as they can grow in almost any environment and require very little maintenance in order for them to bloom. Of course it is down to personal preference as to whether you choose a particular colour or mix it up to create a more vibrant variety. In the Taylor & Co garden, we prefer to throw a handful of different bulbs in, planting them where they land so it is a welcome surprise when they begin to flower!

As well as sowing bulbs, you can also look to scatter wildflower seeds in your garden. A box of seeds can be found relatively cheaply from local garden centres or nurseries and are easily sown in any area. Even places that don’t have the best soil will support wild flowers, just as long as the soil is lightly raked before.

Something else to look forward to in October is Halloween. Although 'Trick or Treating' is somewhat restricted this year there is nothing to say that we cannot brighten up our gardens to celebrate the event. Pumpkins can be carved and displayed in your front garden to welcome in the night and frighten off any spooks! You can get the whole family involved and see who can carve the best or most original design. If you’re feeling particularly Halloween-y then why not add fairy lights, in the traditional orange, around the garden to really show off your pumpkin-carving skills.

Finally, don’t forget to gather together dry logs and twigs which could be used for a bonfire on Guy Fawkes night next month! (Please remember to get your landlord’s permission before lighting any bonfires though!)

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