Bring Birds To Your Garden This Winter

If you have fed and encouraged birds into your garden throughout the summer months then it is worth remembering to help them out during the tougher, colder months when food isn’t as easily available. It may seem less inviting to head out into your garden on a cold, winter's day, but the reward of seeing the birds arrive is worth it, we promise!

Continue reading for our top tips on how to look after our feathered friends over the winter months where there are less sunlight hours for them to find food in.

Aside from the usual bird seed, fat balls or nuts, your own leftovers can also be good for birds. Leftover fruit and Christmas cake are treats that the birds in your garden will appreciate. However, be mindful that not all leftovers are suitable for birds; anything too processed or salty can be poisonous and leftover turkey obviously isn’t a good idea!

Although there is more rain in the winter months, it can be difficult for birds to find fresh water to keep them hydrated. With icy mornings and frosts, natural water is not always so readily available so putting out a saucer of water will be appreciated. Birds also appreciate a bird bath whatever the weather and it is always entertaining to watch them splash about and ruffle their feathers!

Another tip is to ensure that bird feeders and water sources are kept clean. If you put out too much food and it isn’t eaten then it can become mouldy and encourage unwanted visitors into the garden, such as rats. By keeping the feeders clean, you can ensure the birds are kept happy and healthy.

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