Enforcing Tenancy Clauses - The Right Way

It can happen that from time to time that landlords may have concerns regarding tenants adhering to the terms of their tenancy agreement. For the most part these breaches can be unintentional and should be dealt with in a sensitive manner by landlords or their agents.

As a landlord or agent it is reasonable to carry out routine visits up to four times per year. We would recommend that for the majority of tenancies this number of routine visits is maintained. If you come across something that is concerning such as potential neglect of house or garden or an unauthorised extra tenant or pet it can be challenging to know how to go about resolving this.

The key as with all these types of things is communication. It is always best to start with a non-confrontational conversation to discuss your concerns and highlight the importance of adhering to the terms of the tenancy agreement. This should always be followed up by and outline of that conversation in writing also covering the tenants response. As part of this it is important to outline what next steps you require to be met and within what timeframe.

Giving a very simple example; on a routine visit the garden of a tenanted property is found to have been allowed to deteriorate and has not been maintained. It would be reasonable to verbally ask the tenant to address this, follow up in writing and arrange for a follow up visit within a reasonable time frame to ensure remedial works have been carried out.

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