Get Your Property Up To Scratch With A Green House Grant

An Energy Performance Certificate is a four-page document which sets out the energy efficiency of a property on a rating of A to G – A being the most efficient and therefore the cheapest to run, and G being the least efficient and therefore the most expensive to run.

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Legislation governing the rental sector now stipulates that properties must be a rating of an E of above in order to be let. This can cause considerable problems for landlords who have older, character properties which although very popular with potential tenants, are not the most efficient to heat and power.

However, the government have brought out a scheme to support landlords in bringing their properties up to the correct rating. This is known as the Green Homes Grant.

The Green Homes Grant allows landlords to obtain grants of up to £5,000 to install insulation and improved energy efficiency or low carbon heating systems. In order to be eligible, the property must be in England and applications must be made through the website here:

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