Getting Creative In Lockdown...

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

At Taylor & Co we’re always on the lookout for creative tips and ways to brighten up your home, especially if you’ve found yourself with a bit of extra time in lockdown! When we discovered these beautiful autumnal garlands and wreaths we were keen to feature them in one of our articles.

The designer Brandon has always been creative but this year it was something he chose to embrace to help him through the stressful times. He explains how inspiration first struck him: ‘Made from two witch's brooms and a whole lot of brain power I came up with the idea to make an autumnal garland to display in my workplace “The Nook, Folkestone“ and I’ve had countless compliments and now some commissions to make Christmas garlands along with wreaths and even window displays.’

Wreaths and garlands like these can be created using completely natural materials and can brighten up any room. Personally, we think they would look great across a mantlepiece as the autumnal weather really starts to take hold!

At Taylor & Co we think it’s important to support local businesses so if you would like a garland, wreath or any other request then feel free to contact Brandon via email

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