How can I keep my property cool in summer?

With temperatures rising over the last few weeks many people have been getting out and about and enjoying the sun whilst it lasts. However, if you are stuck inside then the heat may not be quite as enjoyable. With most properties in the UK not having air-conditioning as standard, the heat can quickly go from sizzling to sticky and stuffy.

Keep reading to check out our top tips for keeping your house cool over the summer:

  1. Keep blinds and curtains closed in the day and open them in the evening once the heat has broken. This stops the sun from shining in through them when it is at its hottest but still means you see some day light in the evening!

  2. Invest in a fan. Even a small fan can reduce the temperature of a stuffy room dramatically simply by keeping the air flow moving. You can also put a bowl of cold water or ice in front of a fan to encourage it to push cool air around the room.

  3. Keep windows and doors closed in the day. By keeping these closed it stops the hot air from outside ever entering your house. Again, once things have cooled off in the evening feel free to throw them open and welcome any breeze there is in!

  4. Turn any non essential electrical appliances off. Anything that is even left on standby will be generating heat and adding to the temperature of the room. Keep these off to try and drop the overall temperature.

  5. Check you are using only low energy lightbulbs. Traditional lightbulbs can also generate a lot of heat. Switching to low energy will keep the room cooler and save you money!

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