How Far In Advance Should I Advertise My Property? And Other Marketing Related Questions

You've made the decision to become a landlord; you've ensured you have secured the right property and it is ready and waiting for new tenants to move in. The next important questions involve the marketing of the property: When should you start? Does the property have to be fully ready? Should photographs be taken with furniture in or should it be empty?

At Taylor & Co we would recommend marketing properties around 4- 6 weeks before you would like tenants moving in. Depending on the market at that particular time, it can take anything from a few hours to a few weeks to find the right tenants. One month is often the period of notice that tenants have to give to their current landlord before they move, which means that often, they only look a month or so in advance. If you advertise your property too early then you could end up with potential tenants initially dismissing it because they know they cannot move within that timeframe.

When it comes to marketing, we usually recommend the property to be as close to being ready as possible so that photographs have maximum appeal. However, there is nothing wrong with beginning marketing and deciding to not have the property deep cleaned and various safety certificates completed, until you know when someone will be moving in. Any small outstanding maintenance issues, which potential tenants may notice on viewings, can be taken care of before they move in.

Another question which crops up a lot is whether it is better to have properties photographed with furniture in situ or not. In the USA, there is big demand for properties to be fully furnished and staged before photographed and this definitely makes them look more appealing to potential viewers. However in the UK, due to the quick turnaround of the rental market, this is yet to catch on and viewers don’t seem to mind whether the house is empty or not in photographs. One positive of keeping furniture in place is that it can give tenants more of an idea of size of rooms and give them inspiration as to where to place their own belongings. It is worth making sure that any furniture in the photographs are clean, tidy and there is nothing which could become too distracting or off-putting for viewers!

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