How Important Is It To Use A Specialist Letting Agency?

Picking an agent is a difficult decision to make and it can often be confusing when deciding which agent is the right one to entrust your property with. Although most agents offer roughly the same services, whether this is fully managed or a tenant find only service, there can be subtle differences between agencies and it's worth being aware of these before making your decision.

One thing which we think is always worth exploring is whether your agent is a specialist letting agent or whether they have a specialist lettings department. Recently, many estate agents have decided to add lettings to the services they offer but may not have had adequate training in the complicated and ever-changing legislation which surrounds assured shorthold tenancies, creating problems later down the line.

Similarly, if an agent’s time is split between lettings and sales then you may find that their focus isn’t always where you need it to be and smaller jobs, such as property maintenance, can suddenly become a lower priority than it should be. Large companies may push their staff to hit monthly targets meaning that their focus will always be on new business, rather than looking after their loyal clients.

Another thing to be aware of is whether the agent offers a designated lettings point of contact. We all know how frustrating it is to call a company and feel as though the person you are talking to seems under confident and unsure in their role! If you go with a lettings specialist company then you are much more likely to be dealing with someone who has been appropriately trained and who knows your property and tenants personally, so they are able to offer a much more personalised service.

One final thing which potential landlords should be aware of, is that some larger corporate agents will outsource their property maintenance departments meaning that any maintenance issues are logged through a call centre, which is based somewhere else in the country. This sadly means that they are unaware of any local contractors who will be on hand efficiently and are unable to offer the contractors any timesaving or expert advice as they don’t know the property personally. Often this results in the work either being missed or with the landlord incurring expensive invoices where large corporations have been called to resolve minor jobs.

At Taylor & Co, we pride ourselves on being completely lettings focused with all members of our staff having obtained ARLA qualifications and ensuring they are up to date on legislation. This enables us to ensure that landlords are protected and confident that their property, and tenants, are looked after. We handle all of our property management in-house and know all of our landlords and tenants personally to ensure that we can always offer the highest level of service.

If you have any questions on this or if you are a landlord and are looking to rent out your property and would like to take advantage of our flexible service structure, please contact us:

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