How To Create A Haven For Wildlife

There is nothing quite relaxing as sitting back with a cup of tea and watching the different animals and birds busying themselves outside. Making the decision to encourage wildlife into your garden is probably one of the best decisions you will ever make. Those of us lucky enough to be based in a rural or semi-rural area, can easily create a beautiful wildlife garden with a minimum of resources.

Although it is important to keep your garden tidy, wildlife thrives best in a garden which isn’t too regimented. Set aside an area of the garden where you can allow the grass to grow a little longer and a few wild flowers to spring. This will encourage insects which will in turn, bring birds into the garden.

A small bird feeder can be hung up, with a variety of seeds, suet and peanuts to encourage different birds to come and visit. Remember to regularly clean out your feeders and sweep up any dropped food as to not encourage unwanted pests!

As well as bird feeders, it can also be a good idea to put out water for wildlife even if it is a small washing up bowl, which is sunk into the ground, to encourage frogs and newts. Remember to add some rocks or stones on the edge so if any wildlife fall in then they will be able to get back out!

If you’re looking to encourage larger wildlife into your garden then you can leave a pile of logs and sticks out and hope that a passing hedgehog might decide to take up residence!

Once you've checked with your landlord that the changes that you plan to make are ok, it's time to sit back and enjoy seeing what arrives to make its home in your garden!

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