How to keep your rental property cool in the summer heatwave!

It’s officially the hottest day of the year and quite possibly the hottest day on record. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have spent plenty of time googling ‘How to keep cool’ in the last few days and becoming an expert in keeping you and your home cool.

However, lots of advice online is geared towards landlords or homeowners and require permanent changes which are often refused by landlords or can be costly for tenants to foot the bill for. So how do you keep your home cool if you’re a tenant?

Read on for our top tips:

1. Keep your curtains drawn and windows closed during the day! Some swear by putting tin foil up in the window to reflect the heat. This helps to keep the warm air out and keeps the general temperature of your home lower. Once the heat breaks in the evening, you can open up the windows to let the cool evening air in!

2. Avoid using your oven. Try using a microwave or if you’re feeling brave, fire up the BBQ! Microwaves don’t generally add heat to the room because they direct the energy into the food rather than the area around it, like an oven would. Take it one step further and BBQ outside to stop any heat from cooking appliances sitting in your home.

3. Turn off any non-essential electric devices. Even small devices such as phone chargers can generate some heat so by turning as many of these off as possible you stand a better chance of keeping cool.

4. Take a cold shower! Not only will this cool you down but it’ll stop a cloud of hot steam from floating around the house the moment your bathroom door is opened!

5. Drink lots of water. By keeping yourself hydrated it means your body can sweat to keep you cool if it needs to. Stay away from liquids such as alcohol or anything involving caffeine which could dehydrate you further though.

Do you have any other top tips? Comment through our social channels to share them!

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