Instant Autumn Interiors

One of the nicest things about moving into a new home at this time of year, is that you can update your interior to echo the season for free. Whilst on a walk in the beautiful countryside, keep your eyes peeled for a trove of natural treasures which can be used to adorn your beautiful new home.

Photo Credit: Matthew Henry

Conkers are always a good place to start as they can be versatile and placed in glass dishes around your home. Not only do they look spectacular but may keep spiders away. If conkers aren’t your thing then acorns or dried rosehips can be equally enchanting and eye-catching.

An impromptu walk to a country pub for Sunday lunch can be a good opportunity to encourage the whole family to get involved and collect treasures from the hedgerows which can be later dried and displayed around the home throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Matthew Henry

Although Dorset beaches are well known for their fossils, they have other hidden treasures such as beautiful pieces of sea-glass which can be displayed in your home and act as a reminder of a great day out. Don’t forget to also collect any beautiful shells to help finish off your nautical themed bathroom!

After a productive day of filling your home with unique natural displays to look at, there isn’t a better way to welcome in the season than by snuggling up in an autumnal coloured throw, in front of a lit fire or wood burner with a glass of mulled wine, safe in the knowledge that your new treasures haven’t cost a penny.

Cheers to Autumn – our favourite season!

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