Interview with a Landlord – What we look for in an agent.

At Taylor & Co we’re always keen to get a fresh perspective on the industry. We’re very aware that as agents we may only be seeing the rental process from our own perspective so in order for us to not end up with a blinkered view, we recently conducted an interview with a local, multiple property landlord to see what they make of the industry and what they look for in an agent. Read below to find out how we got on:

When you first decide to search researching local letting agents, what makes someone stand out?

If they have a lot of properties then that always sounds like it could be quite promising. If they seem like an enthusiastic team who will be proactive with their marketing then that always really appeals to me.

Is there anything which would make you not want to put your property with a certain agent?

If I didn’t like the person I met on the valuation that would make me question whether it was right for us to start a working relationship together. Property is probably the highest financial asset you could have so I always really want to trust the person I’m asking to look after it for me.

To what extent are fees a driving factor when it comes to picking an agent?

Fees are important to a certain extent; I don’t want to feel as though I’m being ripped off and could get the same service with someone else for less. To be honest, I think I’d be more concerned if there were fees which were really low because it makes you question why they are so low. I’ve heard of some cases where an agent has offered to do the first tenancy for free but that would really worry me and make me think that my property would never be their first priority because they’re not going to be earning anything from it.

Would you have concerns with placing your property with a new agent?

I wouldn’t to be honest. In a way, if it’s a new agent then they’re going to be hungrier for it and much keener to make a good impression so you come back to them so are more likely to be proactive. Everyone has to start somewhere so as long as the people involved were reasonably experienced in the field I’d be happy to give them a chance!

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