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Is The Time Of The Home Office Up?

In the last twelve months, we have seen tenant demand for home offices rocket as the government advised home working for anyone who was able to. Tenants who would usually have been looking for 2 bedroom places were suddenly finding that they needed the extra ‘spare room’ to work from, comfortably and easily. In some cases, tenants have also looked for spare rooms that can be converted into home gyms whilst the usual one is closed!

However, now there is finally some sign of normality on the horizon it leaves us asking the question; will tenants still need this additional space or will they be looking for smaller properties?

A lot of this depends on whether firms will continue to allow their staff to work from home. Some large corporations have already closed their physical offices and plan to continue homeworking long-term. However this week, the chief of Canary Wharf has advised there will be a gradual return to desks from the 29th March 2021, which could signify that the days of working from home for many, are soon to be over.

They also suggested that people had become bored with home working and missed the days of being able to work easily with colleagues and catch up with work friends, both in the office and socially afterwards.

At Taylor & Co we do think there will still be demand for home offices but it may not be as high on the priority list as it has been for the last year and over time, this feature may take more of a backseat. Presently, we are still seeing high demand for almost all properties in the South West and we hope this will continue.

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