Is Your Energy Performance Certificate Up-To-Date? The Key Facts About Checking And Renewing

All conscientious landlords ensured that they had a valid EPC when the legislation came into force in 2008. However, an EPC is only valid for ten years and many landlords are finding that the certificate for their property is close to expiring or has already done so!

An Energy Performance Certificate is a report, which is produced by an independent assessor and contains information about a property's energy costs and uses. It also contains handy recommendations to help keep energy costs down, which potential tenants can use as a point of reference when looking at running costs on viewings. A certificate must be issued when a property is built, sold or rented.

Landlords are able to check if their property has a valid EPC through the government website. It will also note the rating and the date the last assessment took place. If a new EPC is needed then Landlords will need to find a local domestic assessor who is qualified to carry out this check for them. Again, these can be found through the website.

Energy Performance Certificates are particularly important for landlords and agents, as if the rating is too low then it is illegal for a property to be rented out. On 1st April 2018, it became a legal requirement for residential landlords to ensure their EPCs have a minimum rating of E, in an attempt to raise the quality of rental properties available to potential tenants. This was initially only rolled out for new tenancies but has since been extended to include all tenancies, meaning some landlords had to undertake a lot of maintenance work to bring their properties up to standard.

Furthermore, a property cannot be advertised for let without an EPC and if a copy of the EPC isn’t provided to the tenants, free of charge, then this can invalidate a landlord’s Section 21 notice. This can mean that landlords in this situation are unable to regain possession of their property without first issuing the EPC. Once this has been completed, the possession notice is then required to be reissued. As you can imagine, this can add months to the proceedings!

At Taylor & Co we make sure that all of our properties are advertised with an EPC that is in date and has gained an E rating or above. We also ensure that all of the tenants for our managed properties are provided with a copy of the EPC and we ask them to sign to confirm they have received it, negating any potential possession related concerns later down the line!

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