It's That Time Of Year Again: The Autumn Property Maintenance Jobs To Deal With Now

The warm and sunny September that we have just been experiencing in the UK might have fooled us into believing that we are still in the midst of summer. However, now that October has arrived, it's best to get ahead with those essential autumn maintenance jobs before the weather turns much colder.

Landlords and tenants understandably have different levels of responsibility when it comes to property maintenance and our list of 'Top Autumn Maintenance Jobs' below will not only help to give you a heads up on which jobs to tackle first, but will also provide a guide as to which party is responsible for each task.

See how many of the following you have already ticked off your to-do list:

  • Prior to the weather turning colder, landlords should be looking to check that the boiler is serviced (in addition to the mandatory, annual Gas Safety Certificate) before it gets fired up and the heating is turned on.

  • If you are renting a property that depends upon oil-fired heating, it is worth checking the tank to ensure that it doesn't run dry unexpectedly.

  • If you have a pond at the property then it is a good idea to remove any leaf debris so that the water doesn't become too murky or discoloured. Small ponds can be netted over the autumn and winter to avoid this.

  • As the last of the late-summer sunshine starts to disappear, it is a good idea for tenants to clean garden furniture and either cover or store as appropriate so that it is in top condition for the following year.

  • Green-fingered tenants can begin to cut back shrubs, tidy borders and rake up leaves.

  • Depending on who initially supplied the lawnmower, ensure that it is serviced at the end of the year so that it is ready to be used again in the spring.

  • As it is usual practice for landlords to ensure that gutters and downpipes are clean and clear before the start of a tenancy, it is then the responsibility of the tenant to keep them in this state. If you are currently renting a property, it is worthwhile to check on the gutters throughout the autumn and winter to avoid a build up of debris. If any roofing issues arise during a tenancy, it is a good idea to contact the landlord (or agent, in a managed property) to get this dealt with as soon as possible.

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