Landlords! How can you make your rental property more eco-friendly?

With the cost of living rising at a rate of knots many tenants are paying much closer attention to a property’s running costs before making an informed decision as to whether it will be right for them. Legislation stipulates that a property must be an EPC Rating of E or above in order to be legally let, but what else can you do as a landlord to ensure your property is energy efficient and eco-friendly?

Check out our top tips for eco-proofing your rental home:

  • If you have electric heating, upgrade the heaters to the latest efficient models.

We’ve noticed a downturn in enquiries for properties with electric heating and the cost of running these does seem to be worrying potential tenants. You can put their mind at rest, and help their bank balance, by ensuring that your heaters are efficient and cheap to run. This can also increase your EPC rating!

  • In your rental garden, add a number of plants or small trees.

Not only does a well dressed garden look amazing in marketing photos, it makes a difference to the environment too. The more plants and trees you are able to add the more oxygen (and removal of carbon dioxide) you’re responsible for. You also stand a higher chance of attractive green fingered tenants who will look after the garden properly!

  • Upgrade your lightbulbs to LED

LED lightbulbs are a simple change to implement, and your tenants will be rewarded with bulbs that last longer and shine brighter.

  • Add insulation

Did you know a quarter of heat is lost through your property’s roof? By adding a layer of insulation this will reduce the need for heating to be on or up as high. Warm tenants are happy tenants! There are many local authority schemes which mean this can be installed for free too.

Not sure where to start? Check your energy performance certificate! There is a whole section dedicated to measures which can improve your home’s rating. Remember the higher the EPC rating, the more appealing the property is to potential tenants and the lesser environmental impact it has!

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