Landlords: When Do You Pay Your Fees To Your Agent?

When deciding to let out your first property and looking at the different fee structures, which are offered by agents, it can be confusing trying to work out when exactly payments are due. This is especially difficult if you have just purchased your property and only just got your head around all the fees involved with this!

At Taylor & Co we provide ourselves on being completely transparent with our landlords and ensure that we work in a way which works best for them. Therefore if you decide to use our Listings Only Service, the only fee which we will ask for upfront is £50.00. No other fee will be charged until we have found suitable tenants, referencing has been completed (if applicable) and the tenants have moved in.

If landlords decide to opt for additional services (further details can be found here) then these won’t be charged until tenants have been found and have moved in. Again, if we can, and if landlords would like us to, then we can take these fees from the first month's rent.

With our management service we usually take any applicable fees from the first month’s rent provided by the tenants when they move in. Occasionally there will be a deficit, which can then be invoiced onto landlords and paid at a later date.

Not only does this help landlords with cash flow and budgeting, but also means that we’re confident enough in our ability to source the right tenants that we won’t charge upfront fees!

For further details on any of our services, please call 01747 416516 or email

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