Let's Talk Interiors: How To Make A Rental House Into Your Home

Transforming an empty rental property into a cosy, welcoming home can feel quite overwhelming when you first move in. As a tenant, especially a first-time tenant, it can also be confusing to know what you can and can’t do to really put your mark on a place and make it feel your own.

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We recommend if you are looking to make decorative changes, for example painting or hanging pictures, then it is best to check with your landlord to ask what they would be happy with you doing. However, even without these changes there are lots of things you can do to make the place feel more homely.

Adding cushions to a sofa or chairs in accent colours can uplift plain décor. If you buy cushions and curtains which are machine washable it can save frequent and expensive trips to the dry cleaners.

The use of strategically placed floor lamps can illuminate a dark corner to make the room seem bigger, warmer and more spacious. Putting timers on lamps for when you come home from work can mean your home looks welcoming and inviting when you arrive – plus, this can double up as a good security measure in the darker winter months.

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Keep a selection of light and heavier throws handy which can be swapped out depending on the season. Heavier throws can be used on chilly evenings in the winter and lighter throws can protect furniture from fading from the sun in the summer.

Remember to keep some vases filled with freshly cut flowers to help brighten a room and permeate a subtle fragrance through the home.

Lastly, there's nothing better than having something cosy and comforting underfoot; rugs can often make hard floors warmer and more pleasant to walk on and can distract from a less than perfect floor.

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