Meeting The Neighbours And How To Get Off On The Right Foot

So at last you have found your dream rental home! Now after all the stress and worry of moving you can finally enjoy living in it and being part of the new community in which you find yourself. Whether this is a long term rental or a short term stopgap, it makes sense to try and have the best relationship you can with your neighbours.

Firstly, you must remember you could be moving into a street where people may have lived for many years and could be feeling uneasy at a new arrival! Why not get things off on a good footing by putting a note through the door of immediate neighbours, introducing yourself and maybe asking them round for a coffee morning or drinks evening. By initially getting introductions underway it can clear the path for any future or possible misunderstandings and keep the channel of communication open and friendly.

Photo Credit: Sarah Pflug

Another tip is to respect people’s privacy and territory in communal areas – be careful when it comes to parking cars in your street and make sure, if you do have to leave a car out, that it is parked away from other people’s driveways and isn’t an obstruction or possible annoyance. If your new home is a flat, then it is advisable to not leave personal belongings (i.e. bikes and pushchairs) in communal hallways as these could obstruct fire exits.

It is also worth being aware of how noise could travel even when inside your property. You may not realise how barking dogs and loud music can easily travel across gardens and disrupt neighbours' quiet enjoyment.

Being mindful of others can help to forge a good relationship with your landlord or agent, so if problems with neighbours do arise then you can call on them for support.

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