Moving House With Pets: How To Settle Your Pet Into Your New Home

Moving home for any pet, be it large or small, can be a very challenging and anxious time. Pets can often pick up on our own anxious energy or feelings which adds to them feeling unsettled. We want our animal friends to feel as comfortable as possible so we’ve put together a list of top tips on how you can make your pets feel at home in your new property from the get-go.

When packing up your pet’s belongings, such as favourite toys, bedding and comforters, try and make this one of the last things you do so that they aren’t unsettled by not being able to find them for long and they are easily to hand at the new property. At the new house, place their bed in an area where they will be comfortable and safely out of the way whilst you are still moving in and unpacking.

Have a measured amount of your pet’s regular food in a tupperware container so that you can ensure your pet won’t go hungry, even if you have to in the move! Don’t forget to make sure they have access to fresh, drinking water at all times.

If you have a dog, it’s a good idea to introduce them to the garden straight away to prevent any little accidents. Check first that the garden is safe and secure! If the door is left open and your furry friend escapes, make sure their dog tag is up to date with their new address so passers-by or neighbours will know where to return him or her to.

If you have a cat, invest in a decent cat litter as it is advisable to keep him or her inside for a few days to ensure they are settled into their new surroundings and don’t try and return to your old property.

Although all pets are different, if you give them basic love, food and attention during the move it will help to keep them relaxed and settled during the transition period. If you have any concerns please consult your vet for advice.

Please always remember to check your tenancy agreement or with your landlord before moving any pets into a rental property.

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