Our Year In Review!

2020. Hmmm. Definitely a year that tested us all. Despite some of the major stresses of the year, there were pockets of loveliness and joy. A significant one of those, for us, was the launch of Taylor & Co!

We can't believe that we have been up and running since October; we've met new landlords, found tenants their perfect homes, worked with some incredible local businesses and have been overwhelmed with support. Thank you!

We thought that we'd take the opportunity in today's article to reflect upon some of our major milestones and great memories. If 2021 can be as varied, interesting and lively (perhaps without some of the drama, please covid) then we're in for a whirlwind year!

Anyway... without further procrastination... we hope you enjoy:

Designing our signs and boards and then having them created was one of the most exciting moments for the whole team, only to be eclipsed by seeing them pop up around the countryside. We are pretty sure that there were some bemused neighbours wondering why strange people were obsessed with taking photos of To Let boards!

Going to Press! We were so lucky to be given the opportunity to be featured in magazines, online directories and podcasts. It was a great way to begin to spread the word in the local community and make us feel part of the wonderful group of businesses that can be found in Dorset and Somerset.

...and yes, every time that we were featured in something, all of our respective mothers would proudly go hunting for copies to give to relatives!

Taking our first team photos was one of the funniest moments that we remember. Firstly, there was quite a lot of infrastructure involved to be able to take photos of us altogether. This included a tripod balanced on the top of a truck, a carefully positioned log for added height and a hidden phone, which was acting as a remote for the camera.

We had scouted the perfect field gateway for our photo but it was right beside the lane and we had so many people drive past, waving and giving us odd looks. There were times when we were laughing so hard that we couldn't stand up. All the while, the dogs waited patiently for their turn and, as is only right, ended up stealing the show!

Our daily Instagram and Facebook posts have become embedded in our routine and we have made some fantastic new friends. Our weekly 'Guess Where' competitions stretch us to find obscure and lovely locations in Dorset and Somerset to share and we get very excited in the first week of each month, when we give out prizes!

We write two articles each week, which we share on our social media and are published here on our website. Our aim through these is to keep you informed of changes in the property market and relevant legislation as well as to give a bit of home inspiration and, hopefully, entertainment!

If you haven't yet found us on Instagram or Facebook, please come and take a look:

For our Instagram, please click here.

For our Facebook page, please click here.

We keep both of these platforms regularly updated and our hope, for the coming year, is to be able to share some more real-time and behind the scenes action! Feel free to let us know if you want to start seeing something from us in particular.

We are so grateful to have been able to realise our dream of Taylor & Co and develop an agency with an ethos of quality, honesty and friendliness that we all truly believe in.

We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you again for all of your support so far. Please give us a ring or drop us an email if ever you need us:

01747 416 516

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