Rental Reform Paper: What does it mean?

Have you seen the latest news on the rental reform paper? Are you worried about how this could affect you as a landlord or a tenant? And what does this new legislation actually mean?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read below to learn more about what this change in legislation means!

The main reforms are as follows:

  • Abolition of the section 21 with a new simplified tenancy structure

  • Landlords will not be able to have a blanket ban on renting to families with children or on benefits

  • There will need to be a good reason for Landlords to refuse pets, however they can mandate that tenants take out suitable insurance against pet damage.

  • Landlords will still be able to end tenancies but they will have to have a valid reason defined in law.

  • Longer notice periods for rent increases and a strengthened mechanism for tenants to challenge these.

  • Private rented properties will have to adhere to the decent home standards (currently applies to social housing)

There are a number of other changes such as a portal for Landlords to check that they are following correct processes and a new ombudsman service.

Although there is always a further strain placed on Landlords with new legislation like this, we do not believe that the above will have quite the crushing effect that the news outlets would have us believe.

The majority of rented properties are already presented to a high standard and Landlords are incredibly fair and conscientious towards their tenants. It remains to be seen if these measures will be pragmatically implemented and allow reasonable action to be taken as necessary on both sides of a tenancy.

It has always been true that advice from an experienced property agent is worth its weight, it's possible that as laws evolve this can only be more the case.

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