Should I move from the city to the country? The reality of relocating rural.

At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, with the implementation of remote working a plethora of people suddenly found that they were able to work from anywhere, rather than being tied to a city office within commutable distance. This led to an influx of people relocating to popular holiday destinations around the UK, including Dorset.

However, now we are almost two years into the pandemic, national press has started to suggest that those who fled the city could be regretting their choices after their escape to the country didn’t live up to expectations.

Here at Taylor & Co we are used to the rural lifestyle but wanted to address the question; what is the reality of living in the country when you’re accustomed to a city lifestyle?

The first big difference is accessibility to local ameanties. In a city there is an abundance of food delivery options, gym and leisure facilities, clubs and public transport available at every hour of every day. These are limited in a more rural location, as beautiful as an untouched view of the countryside might be, is this something you would tire of and crave the flexibility to try and new restaurant each day of the week?

Another big difference is the winter weather. Whilst it might sound extreme, depending on how rural you choose you live, there is the real possibility of being cut off due to flooding or snow. Is this something you’re prepared to be geared up for with the right vehicle? Or if not, are you the type to go stir crazy if you have a few compulsory snow days?

Career opportunities have traditionally been fewer and far between in the country simply due to there being less people and less businesses. Wages can also be lower as living costs are lower than in a city environment. This is something which is changing with the switch to remote working, but options are still limited compared to a much more urban environment. If you’re lucky enough to be able to relocate and keep your current role, is this a role you want to keep forever? How comfortable are you working remotely forever or would you eventually find yourself craving the social side of working in an office?

Despite all of the above, there are also so many positives to living in a beautiful part of the world. The coast is always within driving distance for a day trip and you are never far from a new walking route, usually with a country pub at the end of it!

Interestingly, our team have helped relocate a number of couples and families to beautiful Dorset and Somerset and not one have regretted their choice and are looking to move back. Our team are incredibly proud of where we live and the tight knit communities around us, so we’d always recommend a move to the country – we also love a walk that ends at a country pub!

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