The Rise Of The Home Office

While the title of this post might not take you by surprise, there have been several repercussions of our new working-from-home lifestyle that will no doubt carry on into the future. In terms of rental properties, this has had a direct impact on the features tenants are looking for in their next home. In addition, as people settle into their new routine and way of working, there might also be legalities to consider that will have previously not been an issue.

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The first trend that we have experienced directly at Taylor & Co, is the number of tenants that are looking for properties with designated office space or enough room to be able to adapt an area into a home office. This has come in the form of tenants requesting more bedrooms than they would have previously needed and a high demand for properties with exterior workshops, offices and studios that are well-kitted out in terms of utilities and a strong broadband connection.

On that note, in this digital age where most people are spending a significant portion of their work days in virtual meeting rooms and needing to work seamlessly across the internet, having a property that boasts a strong internet connection is a big plus. For the most part, we are lucky that many areas of rural Dorset and Somerset have super fast broadband and for those other remote but special places, well off the beaten track, there are lots of options for enhancing the internet connection if it is still a bit behind the times. To check how well a property is rated in terms of its internet connection, you can either use the Rightmove internet checker or use the Openreach website here.

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As many businesses are now having their base closer to home, it is important to check if you are liable to pay Business Rates on the space that you are using to work from. The Government guidelines can be found here, but in general, Business Rates only come into play if you have a room or space solely dedicated to running your business and especially if you have clients visiting your home. It is also worth remembering that any change of use to a space in this way needs to be okayed with your landlord if you are renting your property.

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