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Self Guide Valuation 


You know your property better than anyone else and although we are experts in the property industry, we're full aware that we'll never know your house better than you do. With this style of valuation, we don’t need to visit your property unless you require us to take photos and we’re happy to be guided by you as to what you would like to or need to achieve. 


This type of valuation is ideal for:


  • Landlords on a buy-to-let mortgage where a particular rental figure needs to be achieved 

  • Landlords who have let their properties a number of times and are confident they know what it is worth

  • Landlords who don’t live near their rental property 

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Virtual Valuation 


This is a new style of valuation for landlords who are tech savvy and would be happy to show us around their property (and garden!) using zoom or an alternative video calling system. We'll set up a video call for a date and time to suit you and during the call will take all the relevant details we need and see the property enough to be able to give you a current market valuation.

This type of valuation is ideal for: 

  • Landlords who are confident using a streaming service and have strong enough WIFI to support it 

  • Landlords who lead busy lives!

  • Landlords who would like to take their own photographs or who already have photographs of the property available

Country Style Living Room

Face to Face Valuation


This is how a traditional valuation works where we visit your property at a day and time which suits you and, after seeing the property, are able to give you a guide to a current rental valuation. With this type of valuation, you get to meet us face to face, run through any queries you have and there is the opportunity to discuss which of our services you think would suit your requirements best. 

This type of valuation is ideal for: 


  • Landlords who have not let their property out before and have questions about the process

  • Landlords who prefer to put a face to the name!

  • Landlords who may have a slightly unusual or different property

Please note. if you pick our listings only service then face to face valuations are only available within a 30 mile radius of Shillingstone, Dorset.