Virtual Lettings Service

We are pleased to announce we are able to offer a completely virtual rental service meaning landlords are still able to find new tenants whilst respecting social distancing. 

Virtual Valuation


This is a new style of valuation for landlords who are tech savvy and would be happy to show us around their property (and garden!) using zoom or an alternative video calling system. We set up a call for a date and time to suit you and will be able to take down all the relevant details we need and see the property enough to be able to give you a current market valuation.


This type of valuation is ideal for: 


  • Landlords who are confident using a streaming service and have strong enough WIFI to support it 

  • Landlords who lead busy lives!

Virtual Viewings


Using video recording technology we are now able to offer tenants the opportunity to view properties online through a virtual tour.


This means the letting process can be expedited as time isn't wasted on arranging face-to-fact viewings and potential tenants are able to make a quick decision, after viewing the tour, about whether the property is suitable for them. 

If you're interested in this service, let us know when we are arranging photographs! We won't charge any extra to add this on!  

Electronic Paperwork


We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly and sending paperwork electronically where possible.


Our references are all requested via email and we are able to send application forms to tenants via email.


If you are unavailable to sign the tenancy agreement face to face or would prefer to do this remotely, then we also have technology available for tenancy agreement to be signed electronically meaning a tenancy can commence quickly and easily if necesary!